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Cavity Wall Ties Hazel Grove

At Eurodamp UK our surveying staff have many years of experience of inspecting buildings in Hazel Grove to determine the extent of wall tie corrosion. If you live in a period property and have cavity walls, it is possible the wall ties are corroded and need replacing. Eurodamp UK will isolate corroded wall ties and install new stainless steel ties that will protect your walls for many years to come preventing future structural defects and saving you thousands of pounds .

Cavity Wall Tie Report

External walls to most buildings constructed in Hazel Grove after 1920 are cavity walls. Typically there is an outer leaf of 100mm thick brickwork, a 50mm wide cavity, and an inner leaf of 100mm thick blockwork. The outer and inner leaves are tied together with cavity wall ties. Wall ties are usually 900mm apart horizontally and 450mm vertically. They are usually galvanised steel. It should be noted that older ties often had a relatively thin layer of galvanising, not adequate to stop the steel corroding.

There are two problems with corroding wall ties. The ties can corrode in the cavity and break such that the outer and inner leaves are no longer tied together. If this occurs, there is a distinct risk of the outer leaf collapsing, especially under high winds which cause suction on the face of the wall.

The more common problem is when the part of the tie embedded in the outer leaf corrodes. This tends to occur on south and west facing elevations which are exposed to driving rain and which are often wet. Rust occupies a greater volume than the original steel and therefore the expansion of the cavity wall ties in the bed joint forces it to crack. Cracks running along the bed joints, every 450mm up the wall, are a definite indication of wall tie corrosion. In severe cases we have seen the outer leaf being lifted by about 50mm at roof level.

A wall tie report comprises detecting the locations of wall ties using a boroscope and then either removing a brick or the mortar or drilling a small hole and using an endoscope to examine their condition. If ties are corroded or if there are insufficient ties, the report will recommend a suitable type of replacement. Corroded ties may need to be cut out of the outer leaf to prevent further cracking.

So that we can provide you with an estimate of the cost of a Wall Tie Report, please fill in our contact us form giving us as much information as possible. We will call you back as soon as possible. Alternatively, call our office for a free inspection.


  • Cavity Wall inspection
  • Installation of stainless steel wall ties
  • Isolation of corroded wall ties
  • Wall tie replacement
  • Remedial work

Also in Hazel Grove:

  • Investigation - Collection of information about type and condition of masonry, cavity width, type and condition of existing wall ties etc...
  • Isolation/removal of existing wall ties depending on condition.
  • Specification - choice of remedial wall tie type - density and layout of remedial wall ties.
  • Installation of replacement wall ties
  • Quality control - visual checks, torque testing, etc...

Due to the specialist knowledge and equipment required, wall tie replacement is normally carried out in about 1-2 days and all wall-tie replacements come with a 25 year guaranteed, This is why we Eurodamp UK are the best company to provide the best service for Hazel Grove.

Other types of masonry repair such as crack stitching and masonry waterproofing are often carried out also as failed wall ties usually causes more problems on the property.

We at Eurodamp UK are able to specify and install a wide range of different remedial wall ties (resin, mechanical or cementitious) depending upon both the type of the masonry and the existing condition. The replacement ties are made from stainless steel so that repeat failure does not occur.

We provide a 25 years guarantee for all cavity wall tie replacements works for assurance and a complete peace of mind