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An Introduction To Eurodamp UK

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Trusted UK Specialists in Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment Including All Types Of Structural Repairs / Alterations.

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We at Eurodamp UK can resolve any damp proofing problem our customers may have. We have established methods of preventing rising damp, dry rot and wet rot from reoccurring. The structural water proofing systems we at Eurodamp UK offers are guaranteed to fix any damp issue or resolve any penetrating or flooding basement situation.

Basically we at Eurodamp UK guarantee to stop or prevent any further damp or damp-proofing situation or wood destroying timber attack by rotting fungi or beetle infestations.

Eurodamp UK can prevent Woodworm infestations or other beetle attacks by using our unique diagnoses techniques. Our methods and procedures guarantee the elimination of future damp-proofing, dry rot, wet rot, woodworm or structural water proofing problems.

We can provide our customers with the reassurance of a long term 30 year guarantee across our entire product range. No other company in the UK is offering this level of confidence in a guarantee scheme that has already issued in excess of 20,000 guarantees to date.

Eurodamp UK is the market leader in damp proofing and timber preservation providing the ultimate customer service and value for money across the UK. The

Eurodamp UK Health and Safety Policy

All chemicals used by Eurodamp UK are cleared by the Health and Safety Executive under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986. Where possible we use low toxicity water based products and solution. Our timber treatments carry a one hour re-entry approved by the environment agency. This makes a clear difference from other companies using cheap solvent based products that carry a health risk and a far greater re-entry time.

The Eurodamp UK Environmental Policy

We always consider the safest products to be used in the remedial treatment of all properties. Most of our standard pesticides have a HSE 1 hour re-entry after treatment. Most of our products come in reusable containers with ultra low carbon foot prints.


  • Eurodamp UK has a 30 year insured guarantee this is provided for damp course installation and timber treatment.
  • Eurodamp UK has a 30 year guarantee for structural water proofing. We are the only company in the UK offering this length of guarantee.
  • Eurodamp UK leads the way with a 30 year guarantee for external water/weather proofing.

We can also provide a further independently insured guarantee for a small fee. This guarantee is issued from a DTI trust company.


We specialise in all aspects of Timber Treatment, Damp Proofing, Damp Course Installation, Structural Water Proofing of basements using either with Membrane System or tanking Systems. Eurodamp UK has an extensive range of anti Condensation Control units at a substantial discount. Fitted by a qualified electrician to meet with current reg's.

What area's do we Cover:

Full UK Coverage.

We provide guarantee's for all damp proofing / timber repairs / preservation works for assurance and a complete peace of mind

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