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Thermal Efficiency

Improving Thermal Efficiency

Properties with solid walls lose around 45% of their heat through walls. These properties are usually referred to as "hard to treat" when it comes to insulation, as the options have previously been limited to either expensive external cladding that changes the appearance of the building, or internal lining systems that alter the room dimensions.

Eurodamp UK provide the latest Stormdry waterproofing treatment formula and is a unique and inexpensive alternative that can be used to increase the thermal efficiency of such buildings.

Applied externally as a single-coat of cream that will last for 20 years atleast, Our Stormdry waterproofing system is a specially formulated cream that penetrates deeply into the walls and reduces the amount of moisture they can absorb. A dry wall conducts much less heat than a saturated (wet) wall does, therefore more heat will be retained within the property as less is transferred out through the walls.

The Ministry of Justice has qualified Stormdry for 5% VAT when applied as an energy saving material for insulation applications. Special clearance from the goverment has been given to Stormdry masonry protection cream to classify it as an energy saving material for insulating walls, as given in the Notice criteria in section 2.8. The reduced rate only applies to Stormdry, and masonry creams in general do not meet the required criteria specified by HMRC under current VAT legislation.

Our Stormdry waterproofing & Thermal Efficiency system qualifies for the 5% VAT rate due to its specific formulation and performance criteria. These are the result of years of research and development in Safeguard's laboratories. Our extensive testing and independent evaluation from Giraffe Innovation (http://www.safeguardeurope.com/news/039-201011-stormdry-masonry-walls-space-heating.php) have proven Stormdry is an effective treatment and can make heat energy savings of up to 29%.

The reduced 5% VAT rate is of particular interest to the contractor, who can now charge at this rate for installation and product costs when carrying out a Stormdry installation for energy saving. This is applicable for all residential buildings and any used solely for a charitable purpose. Where viable, necessary ancillary works for the installation can also be covered by the reduced rate. For further information it is advisable to contact HMRC or your accountant.

The cream has been formulated to line the pores of the masonry rather than block them, so vapours can still pass through the building fabric allowing it to "breathe."

When applied the cream is white, however within 48 hours it will have penetrated deeply into the walls leaving no discolouration, residue or sheen. Tests carried out at two leading UK universities have revealed that the treatment can save up to 9&37; of a property's annual heating energy that would normally be lost. We provide a 20 years guarantee for all Waterproofing / Thermal Efficiency works for assurance and a complete peace of mind